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Indigo Life Foundation has many facets, but the core goal is to help educate, heal & connect Indigo people and their families.

The world can be an extremely brutal place to Indigos and if not nurtured properly, can have serious negative effects. What Are Indigo Adults, Indigo Children & Crystal Children?

Indigos are those of us who tend to have a deeper spiritual connection to the Universe, they are very intelligent and have a lot of energy. There are actually several different types of Indigos (Artistic, Conceptualist, Humanist & Interdimensional) so we all express ourselves a bit differently, however, we almost all feel very lost and confused in this world with a desire to make it the world better. Many have spiritual or psychic gifts and have memories of past lives. Sometimes the gifts aren’t as apparent or something has to happen within them to “awaken” the gifts but the main characteristics are still the same. (See "What is an "Indigo" page for more information)

Although we are just realizing the pattern and purpose for Indigos, we are seeing records of them being born as early as 1700. But there have been very small amounts since the beginning of time. Each generation more and more are present. There seemed to be a jump in the Indigo population during the late 70’s and early 80’s.

We are the for-runners for the next shift in human evolution (Divine Evolution). It seems as the year 2000 hit, there was another shift in the birthing of Indigos. Along with Indigo children being born, during or after the year 2000, Crystal Children and Rainbow children have been added. These children have a much deeper gifts and even more distinct memories of other lifetimes, God, Universes and dimensions. We can learn a lot from them. Again, they have been around very rare and sporadicly throughout history and many adult Indigos are transitioning into Crystals at this time.

The term “Indigo” which is to describe the dark purple and blue colors of our Soul Auras. Highlights of violet, green, gold and white are also apparent. Crystal and Rainbow children are also named for their Aura. Typically, it seems, Crystal and Rainbow children are being born to Indigo parents.

At this point, our best guess is on percentages is that Indigos make up approximately 15-25% of 20-30 year olds, 10-15% of 30-40 yr olds, 5-10% of 40-50 yr olds and 0-5% prior to that time. It’s estimated that up to 80% of the births worldwide today are Indigo / Crystal / Rainbow children!

Unfortunately, many Indigos are being mis-diagnosed and being medicated for ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar and even, though rare, Autism. When Indigo children are subject to these medications and limits, it cuts them off from their gifts and can numb their spirit. Please look at all avenues before medicating your child!

Indigo children are here to introduce us to a new era where we actively incorporate the spirit into our daily existence. We learn differently, think differently and function differently, but by no means does this mean we are dysfunctional or disordered. We are here to change the way things are done! Create new ideas on how to run businesses, to run government, to handle relationships, to care for the world, to understand education and the arts. Therefore it is so important for these children to be supported and understood at home. It will take time for the education environment to change to accommodate and nurture these children. Without the support and understanding at home, Indigo children find their world harsh and extremely lonely. They cannot rejoice in who they are, but have to suppress their true brilliance in order for them to be accepted by their family, friends and society.

Thank you for for everyone’s love and support so far!!

Have a blessed day!
Much Love,
Rev Allyson Newell

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